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My husband unexpectedly had Saturday off this weekend which almost never happens! We celebrated by hitting up our downtown and acting like tourists in our city. It was a lot of fun and we had a blast! There were a bunch of things going on so there was lots of excitement every where. We walked downtown, stopped by some new stores, went to the farmer’s market, took in some motorcylces and watched Isla freak right out at the dirt bike racers that were doing stunts in the middle of the street. This girl definately loves adventure. It kind of makes me nervous the thrill she gets out of watching that sort of stuff. The look in her eyes was pure delight and I’m pretty sure she would ride a dirt bike if she could.

We took a walk down by the water, fed the ducks and ate an awesome late lunch at Quesada, a new spot in town. Dana and I had the best burrito bowls and Isla chowed down on chips and salsa with the best side of guacomole I have ever had! We walked off our food which literally took us an hour to get back to our car. Try walking with an almost two year old that thinks everything around her is the most amazing thing she has ever seen! It is absolutely adorable but does it ever make for a long walk home especially in the sweltering heat!

Sunday morning Dana went to work so Isla and I had a mommy/daughter day so we decided to once again explore parts of our city that we hadn’t been too. We travelled a half hour outside the city where I had to pick something up that I had made for Isla’s birthday present. On our way back we spotted a chip truck that had a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. We ate our food, took selfies, splashed in the water, Isla yelled at the seagulls to “stay way” and we walked along the water where she yelled at every boat she saw. Girl loves boats!

Well, I’m off to get packed up for our family zoo day tomorrow! I am warning you now that there may be an Instagram (@my_turquoise_home) overload tomorrow but I promise they will all be super cute pics of a toddler totally freaking out over all the animals she is seeing! Bye bye for now!

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