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Z is for ZOO!

We had our first family outing to the zoo the other day and let me tell ya…it was a hot one! I love the heat and humidity but I am pretty sure that when we got into our car to go home, the temperature said 42 degrees celsius for all you Canadians out there. We literally had to stand outside and let the car get cool before we even thought of putting Isla into it.

We left home around 9am and made the trek to The Peterborough Zoo! I had heard great things about this place and we were super excited to take Isla. It’s not a huge place which is part of its charm. It is perfectly suited for Isla’s age range. There is enough to make her excited but not so much that it is incredibly overwhelming and you end up with a screaming toddler who just wants to go home!
The heat definitely kept some of the animals hidden but we got to see a bobcat, peacocks, wallabies, goats, snakes, camels, tortoises, turkeys, emus, meerkats and lots of other creatures. Isla’s favourite was probably the river otter because she got to see it swimming under water through the glass. They are the cutest little creatures! I loved seeing her reaction to all of the animals. I knew this would be the perfect age for her to experience this.

There are some nice shaded areas, a big playground which we didn’t spend to much time in because it was sunshine central and most importantly a splash pad! Isla was obviously obsessed. She couldn’t really be bothered with the little trickles of water. She wanted to be right under the big structure that dumps gallons of water on you! She is certainly super adventurous like her father!

We ended our day with ice cream and a river train ride which was so much fun and so stinkin cute for little ones. Isla really enjoyed it. She didn’t want to be sitting on my knee during the ride but was happy to look out while she was sitting in between her mommy and daddy.

All in all, we will definitely be going back! It is free to get into the zoo and $2 for the train, has lots of places to picnic and lots to see and do. It is a perfect day trip if you are in the area and awesome for the whole family!
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    Ashley Sullivan
    August 2, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    So fun! Made me realize, we should probably make a trip there before summers over.

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    Melissa (My Turquoise Home)
    August 5, 2015 at 2:21 am

    You really should! It is such a fun day trip for the family! I would just go back to see the River Otter. We loved him!

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