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Toddler Talk: Backyard Exploration

Being outdoors and playing in the backyard is Isla’s favourite past time. I have mentioned this a hundred times before. I don’t know what we are going to do when the cold weather hits and we can’t spend every waking minute playing outside. 

I love watching Isla play. It is amazing watching her do her own thing and explore the world around her. I love seeing her little eyes light up when she discovers something new. I often sit back and stare at her, watching her every move and expression and talking to everything around her.

If I could understand everything she was trying to communicate with me, this is what I would imagine her saying:

“Wow! I love it when mommy takes me outside! There is so much stuff to see! Look it! That tree is moving back and forth and oh my gosh that bird just flew out of it! Did you see that mommy did you see?! It went tweet tweet. Remember when you told me that birds go tweet tweet? I actually heard it this time. You are so smart mommy! 

When I look up to find the birdy I see that big blue sky. Remember when we laid in the grass mommy and we pointed up to the clouds. You told me that one cloud looked like a lion mommy. You’re so silly. Lions are only in the books you read me. Roar!!

I cut the lawn like daddy OK?! Watch me mommy! Whoa! Look at all the bubbles coming out. Daddy doesn’t have bubbles come out of his lawnmower. I can never catch the bubbles. They always disappear before I can get to them. Why is that mommy? Where do they go?

Oh my goodness! Are you taking out my blue pool?! I love my pool mommy! Remember when you gave me my lunch and I dumped it all in the pool? Do you remember that mommy? I don’t think you were too happy but I sure had a giggle! I am just going to jump in with all my clothes on OK? Wow that is so cold. Marley! Get out of the pool silly! This is my pool. I’m bored of the pool now mommy. What else can we do?

Oh wow! If I pour all of the water out of the pool I can make mud pies! Would you like to try one mommy? I just ate some and it was delicious. I remember when you told me not to eat dirt but I did it anyways and it was so good! How about I step in it now with my brand new white sandals? Is that OK mommy? No it’s not? Really? Well can I rub it all over my legs and arms like you do when you bath me? Is that the same thing mommy? I am going to do it anyways OK?

Let’s go water the flowers mommy. I love being your helper. The rocks need just as much watering as your flowers do. My feet need watering too and my hands and my belly. How about I water the driveway and this tree? All out of water mommy. More please?

I see you coming to pick me up mommy. I don’t want to have a nap. I am not tired and I have so much more to explore. You can try laying me down in my crib but I won’t fall asleep. You’ll see. I love my lovey mommy. Thank you for my soother and my blanket. They make me feel so safe and now suddenly sleepy. You’re so smart mommy. I was tired. You always know when I need a nap. See you soon mommy.”

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