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A Surprise & What’s Been Happening

Hey y’all! It’s me…Melissa! Remember that girl who used to blog all the time and then suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth?! Well I have a perfectly good reason why and I would like to share with you! SURPRISE!!! My little family and I are thrilled to announce that we will be expecting baby #2 at the end of April next year! I am so excited to finally share the news with all of you. We found out were we expecting on August 17th; a couple days before we left for a week long family vacay to Tennessee. On our way back from Tennessee, at exactly 4 weeks is when it all hit me. I was very sick for my first pregnancy with Isla, but how I have felt since 4 weeks has been almost unbearable and hasn’t compared to how I felt the first time around. I have had constant nausea, throwing up at all hours of the day and a tiredness over my body that literally makes me feel like I can’t do a bloody thing! I have been on prescriptions and nothing has really helped. I will spare you all of the details but wanted you to know why I haven’t been around. I have barely been able to get through a 9-5 work day let alone trying to be a decent mother to Isla. All things “Melissa” has for sure taken a back seat. I am still not feeling 100% but I am 13 weeks today, meaning I am in my last week of my first trimester which hopefully means that all the crap I have been feeling will soon reside. That’s how it was with Isla, so knock on wood I have an enjoyable rest of pregnancy. I still have lots of plans and ideas for this blog which will now include pregnancy related posts which I am super excited about!

This past week was the first in a while that I have been able to get out and enjoy a bit of time outdoors with out being at home stuck on the couch. I have been trying to get some things organized for fall and I really wanted to find Isla a Hallowe’en costume. I didn’t want to spend the $30.00 on something brand new that she was only going to wear for literally 15 minutes (if I’m lucky) so we checked out a new thrift store in town called The Goodway that just opened up. We were pleasantly surprised at the items they had and once I walked through the door I spotted this butterfly costume in great condition AND in her size. I also found her a great pair of fall and winter boots that were barely used and would look like new after a trip in a pillow case in the washer. Guess how much these 3 items cost me?!?! $10.50! You can’t beat that!

After we shopped for Isla, we stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some Hallowe’en decorations. I then made my way to Shoppers Drugmart. My husband got me a gift certificate for a new perfume and I had yet to choose one. I finally picked out Eau De Lacoste and I couldn’t be happier with it’s floral and feminine scent. I have also had my eye on this new palette from Maybelline. I am not a huge makeup person but this palette was too beautiful to pass up. A new natural mask from Amie completed my mini haul. All this was free! I love gift certificates and Optimum Points!
Isla has been making Hallowe’en crafts, talking about ghosts and goblins and practicing saying “Trick or Treat” which she has now mastered in anticipation for the big night! I myself have managed to put up some decorations and even bake us a loaf of delicious gluten free banana bread which was enjoyed by all!

I have also been thinking of the impending winter weather and how I might have to possibly buy a new jacket to house my ever growing baby bump and I came across this from a company called
Make My Belly Fit. It’s an insert that gets zippered into the jacket you already have! How cool is that?! Not to mention the guy is Canadian so even cooler! Rumour has it a store in my area will be carrying them so I will be the first to report back to you on this amazing product that won’t require me to spend $200 on a maternity coat!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week! Little by little I will be getting back to a regular posting schedule. Thanks so much for sticking around!

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    Place Under The Pine
    October 26, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Congrats Melissa.

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    Melissa (My Turquoise Home)
    November 5, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Thanks so much!

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