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11 Telltale Signs I Am In My First Trimester of Pregnancy

As of last week, I am officially done my first trimester of pregnancy! I wish I could be screaming from the rooftops about how fantastic I am feeling but I am still not 100% there yet. I recently found out at one of my prenatal appointments that I am suffering from Hyperthyroidism and this particular type happens with pregnant women. It happens in about .4% of pregnancies and basically it’s the main reason why I have been still feeling so rundown, tired, nauseated and having no energy whatsoever. My pregnancy hormone is attacking all of the good stuff that comes out of my thyroid. It will either continue throughout my pregnancy until I give birth or I will luck out and it will get better over the next few weeks. Obviously I am hoping for the last one! The last couple of days I have been able to accomplish more so I am hoping that after a blood test week I will be told the great news that it’s cleared itself up. Please say a prayer, cross your fingers for me or whatever it is that you do. I would appreciate it!

Throughout the little bouts of energy that I have had lately, I have laughed out loud about how utterly disheveled my life has been the last almost 3 months and how anybody that knows me would figure out in a second that something was wrong.

Here are my own telltale signs that I am pregnant in my first trimester!

1. My nails are never done! Coming from a girl that always has a fresh coat of polish on her nails, this is a big sign. My sister mentioned that right away that she has never seen me without some sort of colour on my nails. They have been bare for months. I just can’t be bothered nor do I like the smell.

2. I don’t wear eye makeup. Between the constant throwing up and hot and cold spells there is no point of putting on mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner because everything just gets smeared off anyways.

3. My planner and family calendars are bare. Good luck figuring out when a bill is due or when Isla’s next appointment is because you won’t find it neatly on a calendar with a sticker and matching washi tape beside it. You won’t find a to do list of any kind either and if you know me you would know that lists are my jam.

4. My grocery list staples have changed. As long as Isla is fed the only things I need are crackers, salt and vinegar chips, gingerale, and peppermint tea. For nearly 6 weeks it’s all I could ever consume. Not the least bit healthy I know but it’s all I could keep down.

5. You will see packs of gum all over the house, in my car, in every bag and pocket I own. Chewing gum was the only way to help with my constant nausea. The peppermint taste did something magical and chewing that piece of gum was the only way I was not pulled over on the side of the road in the morning while trying to drive into work.

6. Isla’s new favourite sentence to say to people is “Mommy likes to sleep on the couch!” Sad I know but that place was my best friend for a while. Isla got accustomed to snuggling with me on the couch too. I really hope I didn’t start a bad habit on my part.

7. My freezer is full of freezer meals. My parents, Dana and even my neighbours have been great with helping me out during this brutal time and have provided us with already prepared meals that I have just been able to pop in the oven and heat up for dinner. It has been great and so appreciated!

8. Suddenly you won’t see me drinking coffee. From a girl who pretty much goes to sleep thinking about having that delicious cup of coffee first thing the next morning, to a girl who literally wakes up one day and quits drinking coffee cold turkey, you know that something is up. The last week I have just been able to start smelling it without having to get sick and the other morning I had my first cup in almost 3 months.

9. I never blog! My dad called my husband about 3 weeks into us finding out we were pregnant to ask him if I was ok? We text and call every day, I am always trying to blog about something and suddenly all those things just stopped. I literally couldn’t be bothered to do any of it. All of my energy was used to just get through the work day and that was it.

10. My house is a mess. Laundry hasn’t been done, my dirty clothes are piling up on the desk in our room, the bed barely gets made and don’t even ask me the last time the floor was swept because I really couldn’t tell you.

11. Every night I am in bed asleep my 9pm. No joke. I wait for my husband to get home from work, I say goodnight and I sleep uninterrupted until 7am. You would think I would wake up refreshed but the truth is I constantly wake up feeling like I haven’t slept yet.

There you have it! It has been rough but as everyone always says and I know this from my first pregnancy that it is so worth it in the end. I made it this far with the help of my family and friends and wonderful husband. Even Isla was a champ and knew something was up and she was easy on me for the most part. I can feel the light at the end of the tunnel and I am so excited for the second semester. I can’t wait for our first ultrasound and even more excited to reveal to you all whether we will be expecting a boy or a girl!

Thanks for reading.

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