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Friday Confessions

Happy Friday! Starting the weekend off with some holiday confessions for you all! I really hope I am not the only one!

1. I may or may not have put out all of our Christmas decorations last weekend including our Christmas tree, fully decorated and all! Our outdoor lights have also been twinkling the past week too!

2. I called our cable provider last week to find out why we don’t have the holiday music channel yet when they said it would be up and running on November 12th!  They had run into some technical difficulties and said it wouldn’t be up and running until the 17th! #firstworldproblems I know. Needless to say since Tuesday the Christmas tunes have been on and I am not going to apologize for it!

3. I have just recently put away all of Isla’s summer clothes and got everything organized for the impending winter weather.

4. I just took out a load of whites that have been in the dryer for almost 5 days. The refluff button has had a workout!

5. I just bought my first set of Christmas Cookie Cutters! I have never baked Christmas cookies before from scratch but I am determined to make some and decorate them with Isla this year.

6. Isla found her stash of Christmas books and we have been ready them since early October. “The Christmas Elf” isn’t so funny the 856thtime through it!

7. Isla is well aware that only little girls who really brush their teeth well at night will get something from Santa on Christmas morning. That’s the truth isn’t it?! Either way her teeth have never looked better!

8. I have been searching for the “M” block that completes my “Merry Christmas” for 3 days now. Isla had no idea where she put it. This morning I found it in my coat pocket!

Have a perfect weekend!

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