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My Christmas List: Then and Now

The other day I had a good chuckle. My mom asked me if there was anything else that I had on my Christmas list. Was there anything that I wanted or needed that I wouldn’t go out and buy for myself? That is a hard question, especially being an adult because as you get older the things that you want aren’t really the things that you need and anything you do need you just go out and get yourself. I thought about it for a while and then sent her off my list.

Back in the day, my little sister and I would stalk the mailman and wait for the Sears Christmas Wish Book! There was nothing like it and at the beginning of every school year when we received that big catalogue, we knew Christmas was just around the corner. We would sit down and go through every page; making our list and checking it twice. I usually did up a pretty bad ass shopping list for my mom, complete with all of my top choices and a legend to state which items I wanted most and which items I could handle not getting. I usually did my sisters list up as well and all were completed on the computer with a title page and Christmas stickers. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe we ever put that much time and effort into a Christmas list. Although, on the flip side with a little family and another on the way, I can see the excitement all over again with my daughter and I can’t wait to experience the holiday’s through her eyes and I will welcome a nicely decorated Christmas wish list from her in the future.
Back then a Furby was a must-have, a Nano or Tamagochi and of course the Easy Bake Oven.

This year my list consisted of some very exciting things! Can you guess what they are? A fire extinguisher because you can never be too careful in the kitchen. A lockbox to keep our passports, money and wills safe and all in the same place and of course I couldn’t forget Apple Cider Vinegar and some sort of new book! I am an adult after all and needed to throw something exciting into the mix.

My oh my how things have changed!
As an adult, what’s on your Christmas wish list this year?!

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