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Pregnancy Series {Day #1} Maternity Must Haves

Hi Everyone! Happy March and welcome to my Pregnancy Series! This week I will be featuring four days in a row of pregnancy and maternity favourites and helpful tips and tricks for you all. We are starting off the series with some of my tried and true maternity must haves. These are all in my opinion, items that make pregnancy a bit easier for myself and dare I say for the people around me!

  1. Live Clean Body Lotion – Being pregnant can make your skin unrecognizable! This time around I am pregnant in the winter so I definitely notice my skin is a lot dryer than usual. This lotion is nice and thick but soaks into skin perfectly and doesn’t leave any type of greasy after feel. It’s all natural and eco friendly.
  2. Eco Chic Movement Belly Butter – Wow! This product is amazing and the smell is out of this world. Every day I lather this stuff all over my belly, thighs and chest. It has kept my skin supple, moisturized and has improved the tone and texture tremendously. It has all good for you ingredients and contains all of the skin stuff to help with stretch marks and all of the itchiness your skin can experience from pregnancy. A little secret?! I am a Brand Ambassador for this fantastic Canadian company. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a brand review, a coupon code AND a giveaway for some of their amazing baby products!
  3. Peppermint Tea – This helped me so much in the beginning when I was nauseated and feeling crappy 24/7. I couldn’t drink coffee so this helped me through my mornings. It was also great to help settle my stomach.
  4. Water Bottle – I carry one around with me all the time and you should too especially if you are pregnant. I love this one because I can add fruits and make myself a detox water on the go. Momma’s need to stay hydrated!
  5. Prenatal Vitamins – I started taking these when my husband and I started trying for our second baby and I continue to take them during and a few months after pregnancy. It is important to take something like this because it gives you extra nutrients that you may not be getting and provides folic acid and other vitamins and nutrients that your growing baby belly really needs.
  6. Pregnancy Pillow – For my first pregnancy I didn’t use my Snoogle all that much. This pregnancy on the other hand I find I am a lot more uncomfortable and this has been wonderful to sleep with. It cradles every part of my body and makes sleeping on my side and back more bearable.
  7. A Journal – I like having one of these to make little notes to myself, when I experienced movements and what happened at prenatal checkups. It’s nice to look back on thoughts and feelings I had at specific times. It would also make a great memento to pass down to your kids in the future.
  8. Comfy Pants – Leggings and sweatpants have been wonderful to me over the winter. I can’t wear maxi dresses like I did everyday with a summer pregnancy so these are the next best thing. I have a few pairs from Thyme Maternity and will easily be wearing them after baby too.
  9. Skinny Jeans – You need a cute pair of jeans to survive pregnancy. Once again, Thyme Maternity has some of the cutest pairs of skinny jeans that are so comfortable and will be great for those few months after baby is born.
  10. PureBody Shirts – Gap has won me over with their cotton maternity shirts. Comfy and stretchy, you can dress them up or down. I have them in a few different colours and they are an everyday staple.

All of these things have made pregnancy a bit easier for me and more enjoyable. Anything you would add to my list?! Please comment below.

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