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Pregnancy Series {Day #3} Pregnancy Stretching

Since becoming a mom, I have really fallen off the wagon when it comes to working out. No excuse I know but I think that’s half the reason why I am finding this pregnancy a bit more challenging because I am not in the best shape. I don’t take the time to be truly active, other than running around after Isla. But I am 100% committed to making that change. I have been focusing a lot on stretching lately because it has really been helping me get through any back pain or just general stiffness that I have been feeling. They are also stretches that can potentially help you through labor and delivery so I am here to share some of my favourites with you.


The Cow pose is great to relieve tension in the neck, to open up the spine and help with lower back pain.


The Cat pose is meant to be a smooth transition from the Cow pose and further stretches and opens your spine and helps with lower back pain.


This pose helps to alleviate lower back pain and stretches all of your muscles. Ideally your head should be down a little bit more but baby boy was kicking the crap out of me as I was trying to get into position.


This pose stretches hips and always makes me feel relaxed and allows me to really focus on my breathing. You can even put your bum down further to the heels of your feet to feel more of a stretch.


The Butterfly pose is one of my favourites and really helps to stretch your hips and open up your pelvis.


A squat is great for strengthening your legs and this will help to make you stronger for birthing.

I have been trying to incorporate these simple stretches into my everyday routine. They only take 5 minutes and in the end will be very beneficial when baby time comes!

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