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All Of The Reasons I Am So Excited To Have A Son

Baby boy could potentially make his appearance any day now. Fingers crossed that it’s not until the end of the week because that’s when I am officially done work and on maternity leave but he may have other plans! Hopefully he will want to stay cooking for a couple more weeks.

I always hoped and prayed to be blessed with a son and I can’t believe that after nine months I will get to hold him and touch his little face soon. I get emotional thinking about it and I can’t wait to experience love for a son.

Off the top of my head, here are some thoughts that get me so excited to add this little guy to our family.

  1. The love in my heart that I already feel for him is incredible. I have heard from so many moms that there is no love like the love you feel and experience for your son. I can’t wait to have that bond with him. I can’t wait for him to feel that love from me and for him to know that I will always be there for him.
  2. Having an older sister. I try to imagine the sounds and sights of Isla and her little brother playing together. I will be so excited to hear them talk to each other, hug each other or even fight with each other. I hope they grow up to be best friends and look up to one another.
  3. To carry on my husbands name. For my husband it’s exciting to know that his last name will be a part of another generation and that in itself is a dream you may not always get.
  4. To have “man time” with his daddy. I dream about watching our son go fishing with his dad, watch him change the tires on his car or go see some Monster Trucks! I am sure that Isla will be right there with them but there is something so special about a father and son being able to enjoy those moments together.
  5. For my mom and dad to have a grandson. My parents only had my sister and I. My dad will tell you to this day that all he ever wanted were girls but I also know how excited he was to find out we were having a boy. My mom and dad are the best people you would hope to have in your life and I am lucky enough to get to call them my parents. I can’t wait for them to experience life with a grandson and for my dad especially to have those special moments with him.
  6. To protect his sister and look out for his mom. I want Isla to feel safe with her brother. I want him to protect her, stick up for her and most importantly keep all the boys away! I want him to learn respect for the women in his life and to feel a duty to always want to watch out for us.
  7. To play and get dirty with his sister. Isla loves purses and pretty things but if she was given the choice between an orange dump truck or a doll, I can almost guarantee you that she would choose the dump truck. I can’t wait to watch her play with her brother, get a little dirty and eat worms! Not really eat them but you know what I mean. They will make so many memories together and be partners in crime I’m sure.
  8. Collared shirts and bow ties. I have some pretty spiffy accessories and clothing set aside for our little guy. You best believe if I can find him a tie small enough he will be wearing one and if his hair is long enough I will attempt a mohawk. Styling a little boy will be so much fun!

See you soon little guy!

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