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Now that school is out and summer is in full swing, road trips are inevitable! Whether you are travelling 20 minutes to the nearest splash pad, or making a day of it and driving 5 hours away to spend the night at a hotel, you need to be prepared. When you are by yourself you can let things slide. Who cares if you have band-aids in your vehicle or an extra pair of clothes? As an adult you can stop and pick up what you need on the go. Once you have kids though, things change and you can’t just run into a store to get something you need. You always need to be prepared for just about anything when children are involved.

We were recently out and about one day and everything seemed to go wrong and we had nothing in my vehicle that could have made the situations better. Your toddler may decide to jump into a fountain randomly (ours did), or may fall off the monkey bars (ours also did), or may just simply be bored on the car ride home and freak out which ours also did! I knew it was time to get my vehicle a bit more organized and to have an emergency kit of important things on hand.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and some of these things you may already have as back up in your home. I went to the dollar store and purchased a plastic storage case for $3 to put everything inside. While I was there I also bought some wipes, tissue, Advil (for the adults), a first aid kit and a Frozen Play Pack for Isla. From the home I grabbed each kid an extra change of clothes, socks, diapers, boo boo cream, a blanket and a couple of books. I put everything in the plastic bin and stored it in the back of my vehicle. If you have compartments in your vehicle they can be stored there too if you don’t want them in the way. Of course as seasons change, it would be a smart idea to also change up some of the items in your case like extra socks and mittens.

Other things I also have in the car at all times are a stroller, an emergency roadside kit and some reusable shopping bags because just about anything can be put in there especially wet fountain clothes! We also have a car organizer attached to the front seat where I keep more wipes in plain view and a big bottom pocket to store other items like toys if needed. There are also plenty of pockets for other things like water bottles. I didn’t add food items to the bin because they could melt and spoil easily but I always make sure to take some food to go with us on the day of and I store them in my diaper bag. Two things you can also add but I prefer to keep in my diaper bag so they are close by are some travel sunscreens and bug repellent!

I hope these items have been helpful to you! Is there anything I am forgetting that should be added?

Now we are off to visit my family for the Canada Day Long Weekend! Enjoy!

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