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3 Year Old Update & Toddler Favourites

It’s been a good minute since I did an update on Isla. She turned 3 at the end of August and it’s hard to believe that we will be sending her off to school next year!


Weight: 32 pounds
Height: 3 feet 2 inches
Clothing: 3t everything. She’s a tall girl with big feet!

Personality: Isla is Miss Personality! Ask anybody. She is a typical #threenager who better get her own way or the fake crocodile tears will be flowing. She is sweet, feisty, bold, loud, stubborn, opinionated, independent, hardheaded, intense, super smart, kind, funny and loves her family. She is all about adventure and learning new things. She loves being a big sister but has yet to figure out the word “gentle” and doesn’t quite understand that she is a lot bigger then him. Despite that, she is the first to sing him a song when he’s upset and she always wants to be around him. It’s the sweetest thing to watch them together. Isla also has the most amazing imagination and I love watching her play, explore and discover. She makes everyday a true adventure!

Likes: There isn’t really to much that Isla doesn’t like or that isn’t her “favourite.” She enjoys crafting, colouring, reading, building things, being a big sister and helping out with anything and everything. She loves being in the kitchen, cracking eggs, stirring batters and all that stuff. She is hands-on with everything and loves to be involved. Maybe a little too involved most of the time but I can’t fault her for that. Give Isla a book, a stick, a block and a crayon and she will tell you the most amazing story with that imagination of hers! She loves being outdoors, climbing, swinging, dancing and singing. She loves puzzles, games and anything that challenges her. She will do great things this girl of mine!

Dislikes: Isla can have a bit of an attitude. She doesn’t like to be told what to do, the word “no” or the fact that we don’t need her help with something. Usual toddler stuff ya know?!

Favourites: When I sat down to think about Isla’s favourites, I knew that it would be a fairly quick and short list. She is obsessed with stickers and sticker books! She could literally sit and play with them all day long. I loved and still do enjoy stickers so she comes by it honestly. Isla has quite the book collection. She loves the Peep Inside series from Usborne books. Peep Inside the Farm is her current favourite. Memory games also top the list. This child never forgets anything and it blows my mind what she can remember in that little head of hers. Play Doh is another obvious staple. Grab some Christmas cookie cutters and she will create the day away. She makes delicious Play Doh pies also! Lastly, Crayola Colour Wonder is literally the best. It’s a mess free marker system that only colours on the magical Colour Wonder paper. That’s right! No more maker mess on the couch, the wall or your little ones face. This Stow & Go Studio set is great for on the go.


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