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Embracing My New Body After Children

I finally did it. The other day I opened up my closet, pulled open every single drawer I have and went through each item of clothing I own. This had to be done and I had been putting it off for far to long. I am not a fashionista by any means. I don’t stay up on the trends and I prefer parenting magazines to fashion magazines. I love to shop for clothes but usually purchase what’s on the rack and what is on display.

The last few years I have been having babies so my wardrobe has consisted of maternity clothing, size 2 jeans from my early twenties, baggy jeans from post baby and lots of relaxed fit tees for nursing. Throw in some dress pants and blouses for work and you have a hodgepodge of clothing and styles, most of which are just not flattering anymore. Everything I was wearing was only because I felt guilty not making use of it because I had spent money on it. It didn’t matter that my jeans barely fit. I would pull them on somehow dammit!

I knew I had to change my mindset. No matter how much weight I lost, or the fact that I am back to my pre baby weight, my body itself is not the same after having children. My hips are a little fuller, my belly is not as toned as it once was and my legs aren’t as thin. Do I care?! Not at all but I need to learn how to dress for my new body. Another baby may be in the future so those size 2 jeans will never fit me the same again. So what did I do? I got rid of everything that was hard to button up, that didn’t look good on my new mom body, and that added extra rolls that were never there in the first place! How the heck does that happen anyways?

After two hours I purged two garbage bags worth of clothing, reorganized my closet and drawers and now every item I own is something that I love, looks great on me and can be worn many different ways. It was hard and emotional getting rid of clothing that I wore before kids. The memories associated with them made it even harder but I feel so much better and lighter somehow. Instead of picking through 10 pairs of jeans, I have 3, all of which fit me well and make me feel good! So don’t feel bad about clothing that doesn’t fit anymore post kids. Embrace it, find your new style, go shopping and know that you are a badass who gave birth to a child! That right there deserves a new outfit!



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