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3 Easy Steps To Begin Living With Less

Over the last several months I have become fascinated with simplified living and minimalism. I have been researching and trying out different techniques in my home and life and trying to limit the clutter and random stuff that’s coming into our home. When you really start to focus on the things you have and dig deep down, you start to realize that to much stuff can become a burden. I was starting to notice that much of my time was being dedicated to cleaning up, reorganizing and standing for 10 minutes in front of my closet only to pick out the same thing that I always end up wearing. Β Those were the moments where I was starting to feel that things had to start changing.

There are so many things on our plates today. Whether you are a busy mom staying at home with the kids, or working outside of the home, I feel that living a simplified life benefits us most of all. With to-do lists a mile long, laundry piling up in every corner and constantly catering to little humans, wouldn’t it be nice to know that we didn’t have to try so hard? That we could just spend time with our kids and play and not worry about the millions of toys that will have to be cleaned up later? Trust me. Just by taking small steps, you will start to notice the difference of what living with less really feels like and what it can do for you.

The definition of minimalism as an adjective is: being or offering no more than what is required or essential. ThisΒ couldn’t be truer. Now, I am not telling you to go through every room and throw out everything in your path. That’s not was this is about, but I am trying to get you thinking about the things that are in your home that is piling up and doing nothing but creating more work for you. Do you have some random trinkets on a bookshelf from a trip down south 15 years ago that you are constantly having to dust? Or a huge pile of kids toys that get thrown around every day, played with for 2 seconds and then you are left with a huge mess to clean up while your kids are playing with a big cardboard box instead? How would it feel coming home to a house that has some order to it instead of complete and utter chaos? If you are curious to see what this is all about, you can check out my 3 steps below to getting started.

3 Easy Steps To Begin Living With Less

  1. Do you truly love it? Does it bring you joy? – When you are starting to purge areas of your home and you are looking at an object, ask yourself these questions. If you bought it just to fill a spot on your bookshelf, or you can’t remember buying that item in the first place, then chances are you don’t love it. I recently got rid of two shelves worth of trip souvenirs. We are talking silly little bobble heads and pieces of coral from the Dominican. Things that were out collecting dust and not adding any beauty to my home. I realized that all those memories from those trips are all in my head and on pictures and these things did not bring me joy. I threw them all out and now when I walk into my room I glance over and see the beauty of a simple family frame and my daughter’s first handprint. All which I love and make me truly happy.
  2. You received it as a gift but now what? – Please know that just because someone gave it to you, doesn’t mean you need to keep it.Β  This was THE hardest thing for me. I would purge items so easily and then get to something I was given that I never used and it would still remain in my home. Why? Because ultimately we feel bad about giving something away that was given to us. To make yourself feel better, know that giving it away will lead it into the hands of someone else that could love it and make use of it. When you start to think of things that way, it gets easier.
  3. Let People Know Of Your Intentions – If you are truly serious about this approach to living and you have tried it and love the way you feel and how your home looks, then let people know. Maybe you were always that person that got the big bag of someone’s old clothes, or your kids are always given toys “just because.” When people know what you are doing, maybe you won’t be the drop-off point for stuff anymore and will respect your wishes when you say “I don’t need anything for my birthday this year.”

Going full tilt minimalist isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. I think that there is a happy medium with having too much stuff and living simply. If you are able to clean up your kid’s playroom in 45 minutes instead of 2 hours, then that’s a great start in my opinion.

3 Steps To Becoming a Minimalist

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    Roli Edema
    January 17, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Interesting questions to ask ourselves. We all own so many things that we don’t even know we had and probably don’t really need. Nice tips!

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    • Melissa
      January 24, 2017 at 12:55 am

      Totally agree! Most of the stuff we even forget that we have. If we forget that we have it then it really isn’t useful at all!

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