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6 Simple Ways To Feel Put Together Even When You Are Not

Some days I truly feel like I am super woman. My day goes perfectly, laundry gets wash, folded AND put away, I am checking off things on my to-do list like it’s my job and my kids are fed and happy. Other days however, I wake up already in a fog where no amount of coffee will save me. That doesn’t matter though because I still need to get stuff done and take care of tiny humans. Empires don’t build themselves you know!?

I have discovered that super small tweaks to myself and my days can have a major impact on how I feel about myself and what I am able to accomplish in 24 hours. Even if I wake up from little sleep and my day is started off by a toddler tantrum, I can still make myself feel put together even when I am not.

6 Simple Ways To Feel Put Together Even When You Are Not

Put On Some Clothes – The first thing I try to do in the morning is get out of my pyjamas and put on some real clothes. Jeans, a shirt and a bra. Even a pair of earrings makes me feel ready to start the day. It’s pretty simple for me; if I stay in sweats all day then I stay on the couch all day and not a single thing gets done.

Mascara – I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday but I do love my face powder to even out my skin and a few coats of mascara. The perfect wand opens up my eyes and makes it look like I had some sleep even if I didn’t.

Do Your Nails – One coat of a nude or coloured nail polish and I can move mountains! I don’t get professional manicures but I love to do my own nails. It always make me feel great and like I am trying to keep myself together.

Cup of Coffee – This is an absolute must every morning. I usually go to bed dreaming about my coffee the next day. That first sip and I am somewhat human again and ready to tackle the day.

Fresh Flowers – I don’t know what it is about fresh flowers but they always make me feel happy, inspired and they brighten up any space. If I have a little bouquet set up around my workspace, my ideas seem to flow a bit easier.

Accomplish One Thing – Every day my to-do is a mile long. Some things get done while others don’t. As long as I get at least one thing accomplished out of my top three, then I feel like that’s a win in my books. It’s better then nothing right?

What is one way that you feel put together?

ways to feel put together even when you are not


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