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5 Ways To Get Organized Right Now

Most people have some form of organization on their new years resolution list and on any given day there is probably some area of your life that feels a bit chaotic or you just wish ran a bit more smoothly. My soul goal and word for 2017 is simplify.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make a few simple changes that can really help you with your longterm goals and that are easy ways to get organized right now; especially if you have no idea where to start.

5 Ways To Get Organized Right Now

Go Digital – The biggest thing in my home that leads to a mess are bills! I know that we all have to get them, its an unfortunate side affect of being an adult but they can pile up fast with no place to go. Almost everything is online now so check with your cable company, utilities provider and bank and see if they offer online billing. This way, you can receive your bill online AND pay it too!

Purge – I do monthly purges in our home. Some months it may only be a couple of items that get sold or donated but I always make it a point to monitor what items get used and what just sit in the corner and collect dust. The more clutter, the less time you have to focus on the things that really matter.

Write Everything Down – I have a little notebook that goes everywhere with me. If I get an idea, need to record a baby milestone or simply need to remember to pick up milk, it gets written down in one spot. This keeps me on top of things without having hundreds of pieces of paper floating around the house.

Meal Plan – If you do one thing, I urge you to try meal planning if even for a week. Writing down what you are having daily even if it’s just pizza and salad alleviates the stress of walking around your kitchen aimlessly trying to figure out something to eat. This is especially no fun if you throw in a screaming toddler. Doing this also makes grocery shopping much easier when you have things laid out beforehand.

Catch All Area – We have a little basket in our entryway closet where we can put things like keys, cell phones or a bank card. Even little bits of mail that we do get would go here. Once a week, take a quick look through it and throw out whatever is not useful anymore. A bonus for using this system is that you will never lose your keys!

5 Ways To Get Organized Right Now


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