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Easy Ways To Simplify Your Mornings

In less than two weeks I will be going back to work after being on maternity leave for a year. As much as I’m excited to get out of the house again and have some adult conversation, it also means that I will now have to get myself ready, along with the family and have everyone out the door on time. If I don’t, then I will be late for work and the kids will be late for daycare and we can’t have that. I’m all about routines and prepping the night before so that our mornings will go off without a hitch, so here are some easy ways to simplify your mornings.

The Night Before:

Evenings are for relaxing but they can also greatly be used to your advantage in setting yourself up for pure morning bliss the next day. Here are 4 things to do every night before you close those tired eyes of yours.

  1. Lay Out Outfits The Night Before – I have been doing this since high school and it is still one of the easiest ways to get yourself ready. Socks, underwear, outfits and even accessories are all laid out and ready to go. The kid’s items are put on their dresser so there are no morning arguments. Tip: If you want to be really ready for the week, purchase yourself some plastic drawers and label it Monday thru Friday and plan out your outfits for the entire work week.
  2. Prep Breakfast, Make Lunches and Pack Backpacks – Make sandwiches, packs snacks and get everything ready for lunches. Make overnight oats, or have your water, pot, and oatmeal all ready to go for the morning. We consistently do this and it’s the best thing ever. No more debating on what to have for breakfast because it’s ready to go. I also lay coats out, shoes and make sure bags are packed for daycare.
  3. A Clean Sink – There is something so wonderful about waking up in the morning and having clean surfaces around you. I always make sure my countertops are wiped down and the dishes are done. This little bit of order in the morning can do wonders for your mood.
  4. Get A Good Nights Sleep – It’s easier said than done but try to remind yourself to wind down a half hour before you would normally crawl into bed. Don’t check your phone or watch tv. Read a book and relax until your mind naturally drifts off to sleep.

In The Morning:

  1. Get Up Before Everyone Else – In our home, everyone starts to stir around the 6:30 mark. Set your alarm to get up 20 minutes before everyone else. I use this time to get dressed, put on my makeup and pour a cup of coffee. Even if I have 2 minutes to sit and sip my coffee without any kids around, those 2 minutes sets me up for the day. It is such a great feeling waking up for your kids and not to them screaming to put the gate down so they can get out of bed.
  2. Keep The TV Off – I know it can be super tempting to watch television while everyone is getting ready but try to refrain from it until everyone is all ready to go.
  3. Stick To A Routine – However your mornings pan out, stick to the same routine. Ours looks like this: Wake up and get ready, kids wake up, eat breakfast, change kids, brush teeth and hair, relax for a few moments, backpacks on and walk out the door. Whatever you do, do it consistently and your family will thank you for it.

I would love to know how you simplify your mornings!? Let me know in the comments below.

Simplified Mornings

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